Tocino’s Sweetest

Tocino's Sweetest

Tocino’s Sweetest. Tocino is a product made from pork.  It is done through marinating meat in a solution.  This product contributes much to the economy.  It is cheap that Filipino people and not only Filipino people prefer to buy it for food. Producing tocino takes only few days to prepare before it can be consumed.  It has good taste and is delicious. You can see it being served everyday. Besides being served for breakfast, you can add it with sinangag and sunny side up eggs and presto you got yourself a tocilog.

This cured meat is so easy to make, I suggest making a good few pounds and storing in the freezer for future use. Keep one-meal portions in individual resealable bags and you’ll have a delicious meal ready in a pinch. So what are you waiting for?

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