Hydraulic Rapid Sausage Filler

Hydraulic Rapid Sausage Filler


  • A good seal between the piston and the cylinder.
  • The output can be adjusted.
  • Good performance and best quality assurance.


  • Due to the precise design of the hood, at the end of the process, almost only a very small part remaining down.
  • Meat discharge opening is smooth and also uniform, no bubbles, no discoloration of meat.

Practical application:

  • As a result of the hydraulic drive, it is also easy to operate.
  • Furthermore, it fixed bending the pole position, with automatic return device, by changing the original piston to automatically stop processing more due to inertia.

Technical characteristics:

  • Furthermore, mechanical Modular conducive to efficient service.
  • Automatic decompression device.
  • Control pressure gauge.
  • Also separate storage tanks.

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